Launching Ryde Today 2.0

Launching Ryde Today 2.0 1

I am pleased to announce that we are now launching Ryde Today 2.0

We are calling it 2.0 because we have completely redesigned the app with fundamental changes in how the  platform works. It’s been almost two years since the first version of the app was launched. Originally, we offered a bidding process as we believed that this would give customers a really competitive fare price without them having to spend time on finding a better deal. However, that came with its own set of problems, the foremost being that the bidding offers from different providers might not have been instant.

Customer feedback

Over the last several months, we talked to many of our customers to get their thoughts on the app. We found that the majority of them favored just getting a ride at the time of booking and not bother choosing a particular vehicle or waiting for a better fare price to show up on the offer screen. Plus, everyone knows how Uber and Lyft works and they are used to the behavior of confirming a ride with fare shown at the time of booking. If the fare works for them, they will book it right away without worrying if they could get a better deal.

Ryde's shortcoming

Hence, we were able to identify the shortcomings of Ryde and what needed to be modified. Industry leading apps such as Uber, Lyft, Blacklane were a great reference point for us when it came to implementing the changes. The next step was to work with our providers to make sure they were comfortable with the fare that the platform calculates without comprising the quality and service which Ryde customers are used to.

Development of Ryde Today 2.0

Then came the re-development of the platform. Our engineers set up the infrastructure to be more secure, scalable and fault-tolerant. Special thanks to the UI/UX students at RED academy who helped us design the interface of the new app.

ryde today 2.0 on demand pricing

After spending the last few months developing Ryde Today 2.0, I am pleased to announce, we have the app ready to be downloaded on both iOS and Android.  Also, look out for the Ryde’s Eng blog to know the technical details of how the platform works, how we are using Machine Learning when predicting fare, monitor infrastructure or different technologies used in the stack.

Major changes

Some of the main changes to the Ryde Today 2.0 app are:

  • View prices for different vehicle categories (luxury sedan, SUV, stretch and SUV Limousines) instantly. Works similarly to Uber and Lyft
  • Now even easier to book most common destinations like Vancouver Airport or Cruise ship terminal
  • Simple and quick sign-up process to book your first ride
  • Made it more straightforward to rate, review and add gratuity after your trip

Help spread the word

We welcome all feedback. Also be sure to share the app with with your colleagues and show them how they can seamlessly book a town car or limousine service for their next business meeting or trip to the airport.

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