Ridesharing in Limo

Vancouver is the largest city in North Vancouver without any ride sharing or ride-hailing options. 

At Ryde Today, we are working with limousine companies to create a ride sharing service in a limousine from popular spots to common destinations on busy nights like weekends, event nights or cold night.

The average cost for a Ride sharing Limousine ride will be $12.

limousine vancouver
Ridesharing in Limo 1

No more waiting in cold and rain and looking for a cab. We'll get you closer to your home.

Ridesharing in Limo 2

Operate on busy nights of the week from popular spots to common destinations.

Ridesharing in Limo 3

Cashless transactions. No more denying the service because you want to pay with your card.

Ridesharing in Limo 4

Make a new friend on your way back home. Ride share in luxury at the cost of economy.

Pickup from Popular spots
drop off at common destinations

You will help us find the popular spots and common destinations and based on the number of people, each person will end up paying $10-15 per ride in a limousine. 

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