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Ryde Driver app just got released. It was in our list of priorities but with limited resources, we chose to spend our time, money and resources on different fragments of the business to grow Ryde. Don’t get us wrong, the Ryde Driver app was crucial to release to our partners in order to streamline the process of sending offers (price, pictures and features of the car) to our customers in a low-latency and responsive manner.

That being said, we must share how the process worked prior to the Driver app was

First version (when we released Ryde Client App):

  • We got a request on the platform and start the process of calling our three main providers to give us the quotes
  • Open our laptops (yes, we carry our work with us everywhere we go) and connect to the nearest internet hotspot
  • Do some database magic and make sure we have all the information before sending offers
  • Boom! Offers sent to the customer for their request. Yes, we tried to send an offer within 15-35 minutes depending on the time of the day, but, there had been delays in sending offers

Second version (Ryde app was getting more downloads and thus, more requests)

  • We built a system for our partners to send a text message to a given number and our platform will convert that text message response and appropriately, send the offer to the customer who requested for a ryde
  • The text message system worked ok for couple of providers but for most of them, it was complicated, cumbersome and in-human. The implication was, partners still called us to give a quote for a request. Hence, it added delays to when a customer would see an offer to a request
  • At this point, we knew the text message system needs some more work. Alternatively, build a Ryde Driver app to add the ease of sending an offer to a request (exact same reason why would somebody want to call to get rates for a limousine/luxury-car/limobus rides, rather, it should be mobile and app based system)

Third version (Ryde Driver app)

  • Finally, whenever a customer makes a request for either a limousine, luxury car or limobus, a request is sent to our partners (on the Ryde Driver app)
  • Since it is an app and easy to use interface, they can respond to a request within seconds. That is huge advantage from second version, both in terms of responsiveness and ease of use
  • For customers, that would mean, near real-time rate comparisons from city’s top luxury car companies

If you are interesting in partnering with Ryde, please send us an email on support@rydetoday.com. You need to register with us in order to use the Ryde Driver app for iOS.

Download Ryde Today to see how an offer looks like?

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