Ryde Today Featured in Business In Vancouver

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Last week, Ryde Today was featured in Business In Vancouver.

Some interesting excerpts from the article:

Jain said government delays have made much of the regulated industry complacent, putting less pressure on them to look for services like Ryde Today to help them be more competitive ahead of the introduction of Lyft and Uber.

A short while ago, we wrote about the introduction of Ride-hailing legislation by BC NDP government and what does it mean for services like Uber and Lyft to start operating in British Columbia. As we mentioned that, the introduction of the ride-hailing legislation would treat Uber/Lyft as taxi companies and not technology companies. Our goal at Ryde Today is to collaborate with all taxi and luxury transportation companies to create a solution that helps stay the current transportation industry competitive once Uber and Lyft start operating. 


“I’m hoping the B.C. government can expedite the timeline to the spring of 2019 and have companies like Uber and Lyft operational, on the roads, by the spring instead of waiting until fall or even 2020.”

Our big concern is if the government takes too long to to bring ride-hailing companies to British Columbia in order to protect the strongly lobbied taxi industry, the services and standard of our local providers will not change because they know that a bigger entity (the government) is protecting them with both hands without them doing too much hard lifting.

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