Ride-hailing legislation introduced by B.C. NDP government

Earlier this week, the BC NDP government introduced the legislation to allow (finally) ride-hailing in BC. This is the first step forward for Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) like Uber and Lyft to start thinking about operating in BC. I deliberately … Read More

uber not in vancouver

Why isn’t there Uber in Vancouver

It’s a question that has alluded nearly everyone. We at Ryde do not claim to know the magic formula for reviving the taxi companies across the world, but what we do know is, with the future very clearly defined, taxi’s … Read More

modernizing taxi industry

Modernizing the Taxi Industry

Taxi companies have been on a constant decline since the introduction of Uber. There is no city in the world, where the taxi companies have not been a follower after the introduction of Uber. In some cities, like San Francisco, … Read More