Travel Vancouver: A complete guide how to move around

travel vancouver

Vancouver has been consistently ranked as one of the best cities to live in the world. That’s not the only reason why people want to travel to Vancouver though. The city is one of the main ports for Alaskan cruises. It is also the host of the annual TED conference and home to tech companies such as Hootsuite and Avigilon. Whistler, which is one of the world’s top ski resorts, is only a 90 minute drive away. The city also has a thriving film industry which has led to it being named as the “Hollywood of the North” due to the number of well-known TVshows & movies that have been filmed here.

Vancouver Airport has been breaking records year on year with increased numbers of passengers traveling to the city. It is safe to say, Vancouver sees a massive footfall of people coming here, either for work, a vacation or calling it a new home. Check out our complete Vancouver Airport Transfer guide.

No Uber

For a lot of people, when visiting a new city, they rely on either Uber or Lyft for their transport needs. However, anyone coming to Vancouver quickly discovers that it is the only metro city in North America where ride hailing apps like Uber or Lyft don’t operate (Uber is not in Vancouver). Hopefully, this will change once the government passes the regulation where they would be able to operate legally

We have made a list of options how you can move around in Vancouver:

1. Rental Cars

For people who don’t mind driving, there are plenty of rental options. Most name brand car hire companies such as National, Enterprise and Budget operate in Vancouver. Bear in mind that rates will be more expensive in summer, due to it being high season. However, prices will be more affordable in fall and winter. 

2. Public Taxi

These do still exist. Taxis are one of the most common ways people get around Metro Vancouver. Service really depends on the driver, but when you are in one, please don’t have high expectations.

3. Public Transit

Vancouver has one of the best public transport systems in North America. Transit maps are available at the airport, in every hotel and also at the tourist office downtown. 

However, it might not always be ideal to use transit when you are visiting with family or have business meetings to attend. 

4. Professional chauffeur service

Ryde is a ride hailing app for booking Sedan, SUV and Limousine services in Metro Vancouver. It works similarly to the Uber app and is pretty straightforward to use. Enter your pickup and drop-off details. The driver will reach out once he is at the pickup location. 

Once you arrive at your destination, you will be automatically charged on the credit card linked to your account. 

You can download the Ryde app on your iOS or Android device!

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